Digital Workshop “Cereals 2021: Cereal stress adaptation and resilience” 1. und 2. Juni 2021

The German Society of Plant Breeding (GPZ), the German Association for Plant innovation (GFPi) and Participants of the Joint Project BREEDING INNOVATIONS IN WHEAT (BRIWECS) are planning to hold a Digital Workshop “Cereals 2021: Cereal stress adaptation and resilience” on Tuesday 1st June and Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Cereal crops play a vital role in global nutrition, and yield stability in the face of environmental change is essential to maintain sustainable production. Future cereal production systems require further yield gains, improved resource efficiency and stable crop performance under increasingly fluctuating environmental conditions. Important prerequisites to achieve these goals include continued breeding progress to generate resilient cereal cultivars adapted to the consequences of climate change, along with innovative cropping systems driven by improved knowledge of the interactions of crop genotypes (G) with environmental (E) and crop management (M) factors.

Established in 2014 and funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the public research consortium BRIWECS – Breeding Innovation in Wheat for Resilient Cropping Systems – performed interdisciplinary research at the interface of wheat breeding, genetics, agronomy, physiology and agroeconomics. The overriding aim of BRIWECS was to better understand G*E*M interactions in elite wheat cultivars and deliver knowledge for innovations in future breeding and cropping systems.

Alongside presentations of key results from the BRIWECS consortium, the CEREALS 2021 workshop also includes invited presentations from leading international experts on wheat genetics, genomics, physiology and breeding, along with complimentary highlights from current research in the cereals sections of Germany’s Society for Plant Breeding (GPZ) and Society for the Promotion of Plant Innovation (GFPi e.V.), respectively. In cooperation with these two organisations, the BRIWECS consortium is very happy to invite participants in Germany and abroad to this free, completely digital workshop at a time when international scientific discourse is essential to address pressing global issues. Please join us online to discuss future opportunities and challenges for stress adaptation and resilience with leading international personalities in the field of cereal breeding and genetics.