Program - GPZ Main Conference

Breeding plants for tomorrow’s world – challenges and solutions

from 12.09.2022 – 14.09.2022
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Breeding plants for tomorrow’s world – challenges and solutions
Rice genetic improvement and food security
Pamela Ronald, University of California, Davis, USA

Crops and Carbon Sequestration – Challenges and Solutions
Andreas Weber, Biochemistry, University of Düsseldorf; Coordinator CEPLAS

New Crops (Ophan crops, Neo-domestication)
Quinoa – Unravelling genetic mechanisms of agronomically important traits in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd)
Nazgol Emrani, Plant Breeding, University of Kiel

Amaranth – Elucidating the domestication history of an ancient grain to accelerate crop improvement
Markus Stetter, University of Cologne

Russian dandelion (Taraxacum koksaghyz) – development of a new rubber crop
Dirk Prüfer, University of Münster

Promoting productivity of tef through tackling key constraints
Zerihun Tadele, University of Bern

Making new crop species – new hybrid Brassica types
Annaliese Mason, University of Bonn

New approaches to access complex genomes of crops / crop relatives
Genetic architecture of recombination rate variation in barley and rye
Steven Dreissig, MLU Halle

Gene bank genomics – pan genomics for crop improvement
Martin Mascher, IPK-Gatersleben

Genomic selection – theoretical and experimental assessment of genome-based prediction in landraces
Manfred Mayer, Plant Breeding, TU Munich

Transfer of new traits into crops
Targeting sugar transporters in bacterial leaf blight disease
Wolf Frommer, Molecular Physiology, University of Düsseldorf

Targeting effector proteins in late blight disease of potato
Vivianne Vleeshouwers, Plant Breeding, Wageningen University

Targeted mutagenesis for virus resistance in Barley
Robert Hoffie, IPK-Gatersleben

New kids on the block: the regulation of potato tuber induction
Vanessa Wahl, MPIMP Golm

Engaging the public
The INCREASE European Citizen Science Experiment with plant genetic resources of common bean
Kerstin Neumann, IPK-Gatersleben