Meeting of the GPZ Group ‘Cytogenetics’ (AG 3), 11. – 13. September 2023, “Plant Chromosome Biology”, Brno (CZ)

On 11th to 13th September 2023, the working group convened a meeting themed “Plant Chromosome Biology” in Brno (CZ). 120 academia and industry colleagues from Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA attended to present their results and to discuss the most recent developments in their research fields.

Considering the ongoing progress in the field of chromosome biology, the following sessions were organized: 1. Genome stability, nucleus and chromosome architecture; 2. Genome and chromosome evolution, environmental response and plasticity; 3. New tolls, perspectives and applications; 4. Mitosis, meiosis, gamete formation, polyploidy and apomixies and 5. Specialized chromosomes (sex chromosomes, B chromosomes and others). Besides the lectures, posters were displayed and discussed during the meeting.

In addition, the Gregor Mendel Museum was visited, and Eva Chocholova (CZ) gave a talk entitled “Peas of Mendel’s life revealed by dental calculus”, and Ingo Schubert (IPK, Gatersleben) presented a lecture about “The fate of Mendel’s discoveries”.

Like the years before, the conference provided excellent opportunities for scientific discussions and interactions with colleagues involved in chromosome engineering, advanced cytogenetics and plant breeding.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Houben